ОИРОМ DIgital 2019

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OIROM Membership

The Candidate shall

  • Be a legal entity, performing professional activity as a Market and Opinion Researcher at the commercial basis.
  • Perform in compliance with the Russian Legislation, constitutional and internal documents of the Partnership.

Documents necessary to enter the Partnership:

  1. Application for membership of the Partnership in the Partnership Council, signed by the head of the Applicant (Appendix No. 1).
  2. Completed application form (Appendix 2).
  3. Notarized copy of the document on the state registration of the Applicant, established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  4. Notarized copies of constituent documents with registered amendments and additions.
  5. Notarized copy of the certificate of registration with the tax authority.
  6. A copy of the balance sheet certified by the seal of the Applicant as of the last reporting date with a note of the tax authority, a profit and loss statement.
  7. The completed signature sheet to the Memorandum of Association (Appendix No. 3).
  8. A copy of the payment order for payment of the entrance fee. The entry fee must be paid by the applicant within 15 calendar days of receipt of the applicant’s account for payment, exposed by the Partnership after the decision of the Partnership Council on the admission of the Applicant to the Partnership. In the case of non-payment of the entry fee the applicant within the prescribed period, the Partnership Council’s decision is found to be in force in respect of the admission of the Applicant specified in this paragraph shall be members of the Partnership.
  9. Written recommendations of at least three members of the Partnership.
  10. Certificate of compliance with ISO 20252 (in respect of the applicant, whose activities are connected exclusively with online panels also recognized certificate of compliance with ISO 26362) requirements (the “Certificate of Compliance with ISO») or a certificate OIROM obtained as a result of verification within the Certification OIROM for compliance with the “Quality Standards of OIROM”. The certificates specified in this clause are interchangeable. The applicant can, at his own discretion, select and provide any of them as a document confirming the possibility of the Applicant joining the Partnership.
  11. Inventory of submitted documents.

Admission Procedure:

  • Documents made on more than one sheet must be stitched, numbered and certified with the seal of the Applicant.
  • Admission is carried out by the Partnership Council with the consent of the members of the Partnership, which is considered received if within two weeks from the date of notification of all members of the Partnership on the possible admission of a new member, there are no objections from more than half of the membership of the members of the Partnership.